Ypres Historic Regularity 2019
the second edition that will show itself in a grand way!

29-30 nov, 1 dec 2019

Anyone who thought that after the Renties Ypres Rally and the Peking-Paris "Ypres stop", that Club SuperStage vzw would rest, would be wrong. In addition to the AAROVA Short Rally from Oudenaarde, the Ypres Historic Regularity will join the autumn calendar again this year. The first edition emerged as the Belgian regularity favourite, but the organisers will do even better on 29-30 November & 1 December 2019! "Our registrations are going very well, both in terms of quality and quantity. In terms of the number of participants, we now equal the number of last year with more than four months before the event. Moreover, foreign interest is fiercely increasing with one foreign team for every seven participants! " said Norbert Dumoulin, competition leader who is eagerly looking ahead. Therefore there will be a rush to take the remaining 25 starting places. You can still register at a reduced rate until 1 August. Registration remains possible after 1 August ... so long as there are remaining places!

3 competition days, 2 stages

The 800 km long course will again be divided over three competition days & two stages this year. It will see the participants return every evening to service and podium in the pleasant centre of Ypres. The first stage starts on Friday evening at 6 pm and ends on Saturday ... 4 pm! The atypical timing where the stage is pauses for a short nocturnal break for five hours where the drivers will take to their hotel rooms for a quick moment - emphasises the strong sporting tradition of the event. During the third & last day of the race, the course stewards, Bjorn & Jens Vanoverschelde have set another 250 kilometres, over 10 regularity stage, of which one regularity test (RT) is more than 30 kilometres long representing a very high percentage of RT versus liaisons and a significant closing day to the program!

A route from 1984

When designing the regularity tests - which are held on the public road, designed around a secret route where the participants must maintain an average speed as accurately as possible - will be talking a leaf from the history books. For example, the organisers conjured up a test from the archives, last used in ... 1984. We will keep the exact route a secret but we can tell that the regularity test included in the night stage will be crucial for the final result ...

A host town for every stage

In addition to the traditional regularity tests, we introduced a number of "sporting stages" last year. They are short regularity tests on closed roads in which participants have to pursue an imposed target time in complete safety on a skill course. Although the essence of the event are the secret courses on public roads, we are going to add a few extra "sporting stages" to the event this year. It will bring added pleasure for the drivers and spectators ... it will create a special atmosphere, with initiatives linked to the "host town". In such a host municipality, the field will contest a "sporting stage", and they will also stop for a regroup or service zone. The exact host municipalities and the locations of regroup, service zones and "sporting stages" will be announced well in advance so that spectators can also prepare "their" Ypres Historic Regularity ... You will undoubtedly read more about it in the next communiqué.


The roadbook will be presented by very clear sphere-arrow sketches with distance determination. Fog, mud, darkness and the required pace based on an average speed during the regularity tests will become the natural opponents of the drivers!


The layout of the roadbook allows teams with little experience to enjoy the event. One general classification will be released. The experts from the discipline will find their challenge in a few longer regularity tests, rhythm changes and regularity tests in the darkness.


Vehicles up to 31/12/1990 will be admitted to the event. A separate classification "Spirit of the Event Trophy - Frans Thevelin" will be provided for all vehicles until 31/12/1966 and / or <1300 cc.