Ypres Historic Regularity 2019: program and date released

29-30 nov, 1 dec 2019

The news keeps coming from Club SuperStage vzw, After the Ypres Rally Masters announcement, the club is busy preparing the 2nd edition of the Regularity. Even though the first edition received an excellent report from the FIA, the organisers have not sat still in recent months to thoroughly analyse and fine tune their event. "First of all, we will make a small change in the name of the event. The event will transform into 'Ypres Historic Regularity' to reinforce its historic character. Additionally, our sporting directors have some surprises in store to highlight our Ypres history during the weekend of November 29 to December 1, 2019 ... ", says Norbert Dumoulin, competition leader of the Ypres Historic Regularity.

You can find all the information on the 2nd Edition on the new website of the event, www.ypreshistoricregularity.com, with the program and the regulations, to prepare your entry. Entries will open on June 1 at 20h.