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Ypres (B)

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"We have not changed anything about the initial concept, except for some fine tuning. Just as the European rally drivers will be presented with a sporty and compact program in June, the regularity specialists will also have to deal with the same challenges," says Norbert Dumoulin, competition leader. "But in addition to our fixed concept, we have expanded the program for this second edition. During the three-day event, this year the caravan will visit 4 host municipalities en route. An innovation we are proud of, because in every host municipality where the caravan descends, there will be an old-fashioned motorsport atmosphere to sniff and we will organise either a service zone or a stamp check or a closed regularity ride where many spectators can see the participants in action in complete safety. "Of course, the exact course - as is the intention of the event - will be kept strictly secret, but we will give you the 4 host municipalities and the exact program per host city first!


The perfect mix between sportmanship and relaxation!

To refer to and reinforce the first edition of the Rally of Ypres the first leg will take place on Friday 29th November at 18.00hrs and will only finish on ... Saturday 30th November at 16.00hrs! Nonetheless there will be a short 6-hour night break whereby the teams can call on their hotel rooms. After the finish of this long leg we make way for some relaxation at one of Ypres' heated terraces and the winterbar party prior to tackling the third competition day on Sunday 1st December as from 06.30hrs. The arrival over the podium on Ypres' Grote Markt is scheduled around 13.00hrs. The perfect mix between sportsmanship and relaxation!


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